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9 Reasons You Need Lighting Control in Your Next Home
Thursday 17 May 2018, 9:22AM
By Thrive Tech


Good lighting is a fundamental part of the luxury, convenience, comfort, efficiency, and safety of your home.

If you have the ability to integrated with your smart home system, the possibilities for increased convenience, efficiency and fun are endless!

Here are the top 9 Reasons You Need Lighting Control in Your Next Home

-Written by Real IT's Smart Home Team -Published by Thrive Tech

1. Enjoy Automatic Pathway & Orientation Lighting:
Well-placed orientation and pathway lighting in hallways, bathrooms, and staircases increase safety inside your home, now you can activate the lights through movement sensors in the ceiling so there is no need to stumble in the dark for a switch or have your sleepy eyes blinded by bright lights in the middle of the night.

2. Get Functional With Task lighting:
Allow automated focused light to illuminate your work spaces and make the completion of visual tasks easier. As an example in open plan kitchen dining areas, task lighting can ensure your kitchen work surfaces are well illuminated without compromising the soft ambient lighting being enjoyed by your dinner guests.

3. Increase Your Energy Efficiency:
You can save money on your utility bills by having a smart home system turn off the lights at certain times of the day. If you forget, the system still remembers.

4. Add Incredible Convenience to Everyday:
You can save time and manage your household better by pressing one button on an smart home keypad, touch panel or mobile device to turn multiple lights on and off at once.

5. Get Better at Highlighting Your Homes Best Features:
Don’t remind yourself every night to turn on the accent lighting you placed to highlight your decor, artwork or architecture. Your smart home system can be programmed to do this for you, always coming on at the correct brightness based on the lighting levels in the room.

6. Deter Unwanted Guests:
Make it appear that you are home when you are off on vacation. Lights can be set to switch on and off in a random pattern to make your house look occupied and discourage intruders.

7. Experience Lighting Scenes:
One of the most exciting aspects of having lighting control in the home is creating ‘scenes’. These scenes control some or all of the lighting circuits in the home and create lighting environments to suit every mood at the touch of the button. E.g Relax scene, Home scene, All Off and Party scene. Of course, these scenes can mix in audio, video, HVAC, and other systems to further enhance the one-touch experience.

8. Dont Compromise On Interior Design:
The conventional light switch is so 1995. Modern lighting keypads come in a broad array of styles and finishes to suit any need and environment, from discreet keypad options to dazzling touchscreen displays. The Engraved keypads can perform many functions with easy-to-use labeled buttons, replacing various unsightly switches with a single compact solution.

9. Get Expert Automation Assistance:
Finally there is a company who takes lighting design seriously. At Real IT  we understand that the difference between a good lighting design and a great one is a process of customer education, collaboration, and detailed design documentation. Through our e-books, in-session chats and guidance documentation we ensure all our customers know exactly whats possible so they can turn their dream  smart home into a reality.

Whats more, our certified designers are active InfoComm and CEDIA members and use universally accepted symbols and design practices so collaborating with your lighting designer is a breeze.

Need some advice on your lighting or want more recommendations? Click here to chat with our lighting expert.