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MenzShed Reports Progress on Tawa Shed Re-Fit
Thursday 17 May 2018, 2:02PM
By Beckie Wright

The site for the new MenzShed in Tawa is currently undergoing a re-fit by its principal sponsors Smartway Builders. MenzShed Tawa reports that much progress has been made since reconstruction of the site first began in March.

In March, local Wellington builders Smartway Builders undertook their first job of laying a new level raised floor since the floor of the new MenzShed space, approximately 200 square metres, was mainly gravel.

Two months later, the outside front entrance of the MenzShed Tawa site has been cleared. In addition, the south wall is having steel panels erected to the ceiling to minimise dust from the adjacent room and to prevent birds from nesting and soiling the new fitted floor and fittings. An internal partition wall for hands tools and storage is also almost complete.

MenzShed notes that while the re-fit is in progress, the shed is a construction site and access is strictly controlled.

The MenzShed Tawa construction and re-fit, including all the planning, designing, building, and supply of materials is being carried out by Smartway Builders. To assist Smartway Builders, and to ensure that the fit-out work inside the shed can continue, the members of Tawa MenzShed have set up a Give-A-Little page titled “Help Tawa MenzShed Get Off The Ground”. Through this page, people in the community are able to support and donate, helping to make the new Tawa MenzShed get off the ground.

As active members of the community, the team at Smartway Builders are more than happy to be involved in helping a charitable organisation such as MenzShed. MenzShed aims to bring men and women together in one community space to share their skills and work on practical wood-working and metal-working tasks, whether for personal projects, for the Shed, or for the community.

Smartway Builders is more than your regular team of local builders and house renovation specialists. They love getting involved in community projects such as this.

Follow the Tawa MenzShed Facebook Page and Smartway Builders Facebook Page for updates and progress on the new shed!

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