Mother's Day Has a Whole New Meaning at The Floral Studio

Friday 25 May 2018, 2:01PM
By Beckie Wright

Mother’s Day flowers are just the perfect gift, along with Devonport Chocolates and Ecoya, or a potted plant Orchid or evergreen for Mum. However, at The Floral Studio they are expecting their own bundle of joy. Their head florist, Natalie, is due to have a baby in early May and will be on maternity leave for the next six months, and their search for a new florist has been on-going for the last few months. They have finally found a mum of five to stand in. Her name is Shonte and, along with Natalie’s mum, will take over running the shop.

Every florist is different and The Floral Studio reflects the community of Grey Lynn which is fresh,natural and just a wee bit wild., and their number one selling BQ is wild bunch – go to and you will see this featured on their ‘best sellers’ list.

They have been busy working with Take A Vow Wedding Planning and Events and Gay Weddings New Zealand, providing floral services for their latest shoot. Go to Featured is Dignan St Church. Their flowers will also be featuring at the Bride and Groom show on the Hire pool stand at the Bride and Groom show Auckland 6th May, at the Ellerslie Events Centre.

Wedding bookings are flowing in quickly for December/ January weddings. The Floral Studio will accept a maximum of two bookings per weekend packages or on their web page    

A quick update on the quality of flowers, and The Floral Studio are still finding, with the remaining heat and humidity, that some of the cheaper rose varieties are simply not going the distance. At the moment customers should expect anticipate flowers to be in good condition 10 days after purchase, provided the water is changed regularly and flowers snipped. Recently they had a customer report that her highly scented lilies lasted for 20 days.

After their commentary about the price and design of funeral flowers, they had a lot of feedback saying that if you seek individuality and a reflection of a person’s true personality then speak to your florist. Basically, you receive twice the value and the designs are individual and creative – not the cookie cutter designs that some provide.  Funeral flowers are a very personal choice and that is where the talents and skills of florists can assist, so for more information on delivering flowers Auckland, Auckland florists and flower shops please go to .