Curtains, Shutters or Blinds – The best option for your Hamilton home

Monday 28 May 2018, 12:10PM
By David digal


Whether you are decorating a house that you just moved into or redecorating an old one, picking the right curtains, blinds or shutters characterizes the essence of your home’s interior. It accentuates your windows and should complement the rest of the décor and is usually the most eye-catching feature in every room.

Choosing the right fabric, color, length, lining, custom made versus off-the-shelf can be a time- consuming process with so many different options in the Hamilton market to choose from, be it blinds, shutters or curtains. While making your home look beautiful and comfortable, it’s also important to pick a practical, easy-to-maintain and durable option, so you don’t have to spend too much time cleaning or worry about having to replace it every now and then.

So, what’s the best option for your home in Hamilton – curtains, blinds or shutters?


Fabric, Fabric, Fabric: Choosing the right fabric for your curtains makes or breaks how it looks. Choose something too light and it won’t fall well, choose something heavy and it doesn’t fold well when drawn. It’s important to choose the right material that has a good flow and fold. Polyester, silk and velvet are usually best for curtains and give you a flowy look. These materials are also not too thin, which makes them good for privacy and light control. However, some materials like silk can be quite exorbitant.  The more economical options are cotton or linen, but these fabrics can be too stiff. If you were to go with one of these options, remember to pick soft cotton or linen that would still give you some flow.

Length: Many Hamilton houses have beautiful long windows that look great, but if you pick a wrong curtain length for those windows, even the best of fabrics can look distasteful. To get the right length for your curtain, remember to place your curtain rod as high as possible, get curtains that reach the floor but don’t make a puddle.

Lining: If you are getting curtains for your house, you really can’t do without lining. They give you privacy and make your curtains look a lot better. Another reason to get lining is to protect your delicate curtains from the sun.

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