Bonham Interior For Luxury Design in Auckland and Queenstown

Monday 28 May 2018, 12:24PM
By Beckie Wright

Bonham Interior’s skill lies in working with their clients to understand how they live, work and enjoy their homes, and then designing luxurious surroundings that encapsulate and enhance their way of life.  They are outstanding leaders in their field of luxury interior design, and their aim is to make their clients lives work better. Their design is personalised, luxurious and definitely not ‘boring and beige’.

Bonham Interior is the studio for luxury design in New Zealand, and specialise in large renovations and new builds, and in fact, all aspects of interior architecture. They also engage in smaller projects such as new kitchens and bathrooms, and provide support with re-design. You can contact them to set up a meeting gratis; either as an initial site meeting or in their design studio.

Their stylish studio hosts an international design library and, for example, tiles and stone feature on a regular basis. The recent Robb Report on interior design featured Holly Hunt, who last year told The Wall Street Journal, “There’s nothing worse than drywall and carpet. You need wood, stone, metal and plaster.” Bonham Interior specifiy a lot of Holly Hunt’s furniture and fabrics in their projects, and these articles and designers are where they believe their work is.

At Bonham Interior they source art as well as furniture and interiors, and they also do all the lighting and finishing on a project, which you won’t find readily anywhere else you are looking.

Bonham say, “Interior architecture is “more” than interior design - we are saying, yes we can choose and arrange you with furniture but we can draw to the same architectural standard for electrical and lighting plans, kitchens, bathrooms, cabinetry etc.”

They are available now for new work and you can contact them now at  or 09 303 1547, so for more information on new luxury, returning to luxury and interior design please go to .