Some Tips on Energy Saving This Winter From Good Electrical

Friday 1 June 2018, 12:02PM
By Beckie Wright

We all tend to worry about our energy commitments with the coming of winter, and we are always looking for ways to save energy, thus saving money at the same time. Good Electrical are happy to pass on their ‘top tips’ on how to save energy around the home.

LED light bulbs seem to be getting the most attention right now, at least where lighting technology and energy saving are concerned. It’s interesting how, in just a few years, a wide variety of lighting technologies has been introduced to the general public, effectively giving them a good number of options to choose from, but LED light bulbs seem to be attracting the most attention from both consumers and lighting manufacturers alike.

LED light bulbs have a remarkably long lifespan, and some bulbs are even rated to last up to 50,000 hours, and frequently switching them on and off doesn’t affect their lifespan.  Above all, LEDs are the most energy-efficient lighting solution on the market and their solid-state nature also means they’re the most durable lighting solution. In terms of savings, LEDs definitely cost more initially, but they save you more over the long run.

Good Electrical can design energy efficient lighting plans, and besides replacing light fittings with energy efficient LED fittings, they recommend installing heated towel rail timers.  With their lighting design and planning service, Good Electrical are the experts when it comes to power saving tips in the home. Coupled with smart use and good lighting design, energy efficient lighting can ‘lighten’ your power bills, so you can start saving money the moment you make the switch. LED bulbs can also last more than 15 times longer than regular light bulbs.

Good Electrical recommend that people choose the right ‘colour’ for the area they are going to light. A ‘warm white’ colour will be suitable for lounges, hallways and bedrooms, and a ‘cool white’ colour will be suitable for laundries, bathrooms and offices. Using energy efficient light bulbs is a great way to manage your electricity bills, so for more information on LED strip lighting Auckland, Auckland electrical, and North Shore electricians please go to https://www.aucklandelectrician.co.nz  .