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Bee Hives for Sale

Monday 4 June 2018, 9:56PM
By Canaan Honey


Yes, with over 887,510 bee hives registered in New Zealand as at February 2018, there are still more people interested in buying bee hives. Canaan Honey in Whanganui have been offering bee hives for sale to new and existing beekeepers for over 35 years.

New bee hives are created in both spring and autumn of each year. Autumn hives need to be stronger and well looked after to be able to get them through the winter. Canaan Honey are offering new autumn bee hives as double hives. One bee hive on top of another with a split board between them with an entrance way cut in it for the top hive. Double hives are able to warm each other and so require less stores to keep them warm. Being warmer, they are more likely to have brood rather than the queen totally shutting down on laying over the winter months.

In the spring you have the option to buy a single box hive as a complete hive ready for bringing in summer honey, or a 5 frame nuc hive that you transfer into your own gear. In spring, the numbers of bees in each hive expand rapidly. Splitting into new bee hives can be a good idea just to stop them from naturally dividing and swarming off themselves.

See their TradeMe services listing for Bee Hives for Sale.

New beekeepers need experience, and Canaan Honey offer training as part of hive sales. People are able to see and help manage the Canaan team's hives and can call anytime for advice.

If you are interested in a bee hive, call Michael Brandon on m 021 728889 or visit their bee hives for sale page.

Canaan Honey also offer beehive rental, and hive share as alternative ways of people being able to be part of the beekeeping industry.