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Dalton Eyewash Units Available From All Round Safety
Monday 11 June 2018, 5:33PM
By Beckie Wright

All Round Safety work alongside reputable suppliers and manufacturers that have extensive experience in worldwide sourcing and manufacturing. The products they source will meet or exceed the requirements of AS/NZS Australian and New Zealand Standards and/or the European CE and International Standards where applicable. Their suppliers have developed strong and successful partnerships with many respected safety specialists, recognised worldwide for innovation, market leading technology and quality.

Personal Eyewash Units fit within the Legislation.  The AS 4775-2007 Standard - Emergency Shower and Eyewash Equipment, makes special mention of Supplemental Equipment.  "The supplemental equipment shall provide immediate flushing to support plumbed and self-contained equipment but should not replace them."

Personal Eyewash Units offer many important benefits, including the fact that they can be placed directly adjacent to areas with hazard substances, and

offer quick relief while you get to a plumbed unit. Also, the flushing liquid is 100% sterile. They are very useful for flushing the eye whilst transporting the injured person to a medical facility, providing protection in hazardous work areas that are more than 10 seconds away from a plumbed eyewash station.

Well placed Personal Eyewash Units are vitally important when severe chemical eye injuries can happen in under five seconds

When working with strong acids (Hydrochloric acid, Nitric acid, Sulphuric acid) you should use the Tobin Buffer Eyewash System. Not only does it flush the chemicals from the eye but neutralises the chemical at the same time. Dalton

strongly encourage you to get your customers to register their Tobin Eyewash System on their website.  This will set up an automated reminder to remind them and you when their Tobin Eyewash Bottles are due to expire and be replaced.

All Round Safety’s reduced overheads, fast effective service and efficiencies through smart distribution make them price competitive when compared to other independent and multi-national safety providers, and they aim to provide world class customer service, order fullfilment, accuracy and to deliver quality products on time, so for more information on safety gear Auckland, safety shops Auckland and safety clothing please go to . INDEX