Eco Doors & Windows Also Do Renovations

Tuesday 26 June 2018, 1:45PM
By Beckie Wright

We have all heard of Eco Doors & Windows and their world class uPVC joinery and double-glazing solutions, which help make Wellington homes warmer, drier and quieter. And, we also know that uPVC joinery will continue to save you ongoing maintenance costs, with your old, out-dated and inefficient legacy window and door systems.

However, what you may not know is that they also deliver professional expertise and knowledge with their Wellington building services team, such as decks, room re-lines, insulation upgrades, roof replacement, small additions, and cladding alternatives. Eco Doors & Windows can help here too, with Licenced Builders on their team can address most of your projects.

One of the more challenging projects for their Wellington builders was putting a hydraulic lift through three stories of concrete in a house to a 4mm tolerance! One very happy customer, and he installed pvc joinery as well.

Their attention to detail and the ability to work beyond your expectations makes Eco Doors & Windows a good choice. They can manage any framing or wall alterations and repairs alongside your double glazing and/or cladding installation.

Eco Doors & Windows supply and install cost effective, attractive and incredibly long lasting external cladding from Mitten Canada, with a focus on both durability and style. Their cladding profiles are offered in natural colours and shades to suit your home, with a beautiful grain embossed surface.

This cladding  is extremely hardwearing and maintenance free, and is rot and pest resistant, with an excellent and high rated acoustic performance, is eco-friendly and  spans up to 5.4m.  It can be used in new builds and reclads and has Branz approval over a cavity system.

Eco Doors & Windows deliver a quality install experience backed by after sales and service, so for more information on upvc windows, upvc doors, double glazing windows, and their Wellington builders please go to .