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Auckland's Top Destination for Custom Framing
Thursday 28 June 2018, 2:04PM
By Beckie Wright

A valuable piece of art or memorabilia deserves to be preserved in a unique and equally-excellent framework. Through high-quality framing and professional framing techniques, your canvas or memento can be preserved within a beautiful case that you’ll be proud to display anywhere in your home. For this reason, people all over New Zealand look to Designer Frames, an Auckland-based company that creates only the highest quality of custom frames nationwide.

At Designer Frames, customers have an extensive range of 300 frame samples to choose from, ranging from classic black frames with exquisite silver lining to ornate golden frames for a more nostalgic touch. They also have three glass options: standard, non-reflective, and UV filtering glass which protects a print or image from fading. A custom-coloured mat may also be included to separate your item from the glass and to protect a canvas’ edges, as well as to add to your frame’s overall aesthetic.

The world-class framers at Designer Frames believe that an item’s casing should reflect the value of your canvas or mementos, setting them apart from any other framers in the country. Their team of professionals are trained and certified by the international Guild Certified Framer programme of the Fine Art Trade Guild (1994). This prestigious award is only earned through study and examination, ensuring that they are up-to-date on the newest techniques and advancements in the industry.

Designer Frames offers all types of framing from poster framing to full museum-quality preservation framing. Framing anything from arts to sports equipment, they can ensure that you get the most from your precious artwork or mementos.

Check out Designer Frame’s range of frames and custom framing options and shop online on their website today at   INDEX