Bring Your Product to Life With Impact PR's Experiential + Activations Services

Friday 29 June 2018, 10:09PM
By Beckie Wright

A successful brand experience is designed to create unique, specific interactions between brands and/or products and services, and the people that they want to reach. If a brand experience is done well, your company will enjoy a better connection and enhanced brand affinity with the people that matter most. A failed brand experience will have the opposite effect, and the innovative team at Impact PR always deliver success.

Experiential or activations are designed to engage consumers with your brand in a fun and interactive way, bringing the brand to life through an experience, and creating a relationship between consumer and brand. Activations are a popular and effective system of brand management, generating consumer interest by allowing consumers to use a product or experience a service. By doing so, the brand’s value is ‘activated’ by the consumer, creating a long-lasting impression.

Similarly, experiential activities allow a brand to access current and potential consumers to engage with their products. This form of brand exposure is focused primarily on the ‘experience,’ attracting customers and providing them with more information through a memorable activity or experience.

Many agencies will advertise their ability to create brand experiences, so it is important to remember that while some types of experiences require significant and specific expertise to conceive and execute, others require a lot less. The Impact PR team take your audience to another level, with experiential marketing and activations that engage, inspire and influence. Successful, effective brand experiences can create valuable relationships with – and an affinity for – a brand.

Having a working understanding of these strategies, along with how and when they should be used, and which areas of the public are best to engage with for a given brand experience, will be key choices to make – and the difference between a successful campaign or a fail, so for more information on PR agencies, PR companies Auckland and Auckland PR agencies please go to .