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More Services From Under the Canopy (Canopy Cancer Care)
Wednesday 11 July 2018, 11:25AM
By Beckie Wright

Under the Canopy is a philosophy of integrated care where the team at Canopy Cancer Care don’t just treat your medical condition. They recognise that it takes more than medicine to effectively treat a patient offering a toolkit of evidence- based complementary therapies so their patients can access what they need, as they need it.

Last month we looked at Fitness & Exercise, and this month we feature Diet and Nutrition and Psychological services.

Diet and Nutrition Advice

Having cancer affects your physical health in many different ways. Good nutrition during clinical treatment is especially important as both the illness and the treatment can affect your appetite. You may experience loss of appetite, an aversion to some foods and altered tastes. While these things normally go back to normal once treatment has finished it is important to maintain optimum nutritional intake at this time.

There are a couple of key differences between a dietitian and a nutritionist, and getting the right advice from the right specialist will be beneficial to you during your treatment and recovery. Your nurse will be able to advise whether you need to talk to a nutritionist or a dietitian. Eating well ensures improved general health, increased strength, faster healing and recovery times, and a higher tolerance for treatment related side effects.

Psychological services

It’s common to experience a wide range of intense emotions when going through cancer or supporting someone close to you through cancer. Many people find it useful to talk through these emotions with a trained psychologist who can provide reassurance, guidance and teach coping strategies to help you manage.

Whether you are starting treatment, are just finishing up with treatment or supporting someone else, Under the Canopy’s professional psychologists are experts in providing support to people and their whanau with the distress that cancer can bring about.

Depending on your needs, you may be referrered through to the team of Psychologists at Cancer Society or to Lucy Barnes who works from a private clinic in Parnell. All of the Psycologists are experienced in structuring sessions to meet your specific needs, working with individuals and whanau.  The team at the Cancer Society also offer group sessions for people who might benefit from interacting with others in similar circumstances.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach for dealing with a serious illness, and Under the Canopy’s professional psychologists can help you and your whanau cope with many types of cancer-related stress, so for more information on cancer treatments, cancer clinics and cancer care please go to . INDEX