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The Future of Work Events at IMNZ
Friday 13 July 2018, 1:14PM
By Beckie Wright

IMNZ events are a great opportunity to connect, learn and engage, where people forge powerful new connections. You will hear from thought leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs, embracing new ways of thinking, and this month they introduce three new events on the Future of Work Events as follows. 

What work looks like in 2020
The world of work is changing and in 2020 our workforces will look much different than they do today. 2020 is less than 20 months away. With the emergence of disrupting technologies, new jobs and skills will inevitably be required, affecting all of us. Historical events, globalisation and advances and challenges in technology will allow for cultural developments, as well as changes in the construction of our communities and our perspectives on technology.
Businesses must be vigilant to inevitable shifts in employee demands and adapt. In order to prosper and accelerate our businesses and inspire employees, we must understand these changes, or be disrupted by them. Join IMNZ and Bettina Baer, Managing Partner, Global Business Services, IBM New Zealand where she’ll be sharing global research on the future of work and discussing the challenges and opportunities this dynamic time presents. 

The Future of Work
The #1 Priority for talent development in 2018 is training for soft skills.  Command and control manager-led teams are out, and collaborative, self-organised teams are in. Advances in robotics and machine learning are transforming the way we work and the way we learn. At this stage we should all be expecting to do jobs we’ve never done before for the rest of our careers. Some of them haven’t even been invented yet. The rise of digital is transforming how we learn and there’s no looking back
How do we soften the impact of automation, and build capabilities to thrive in the future of work when we’re sharing the lunchroom with robots, have 4+ generations in the workforce at the same time with people from all over the world? Join IMNZ and a panel of thought leaders to discuss the challenges and opportunities this dynamic time presents and what will underpin thriving leadership and high performing teams in the future.

The Ethics of the Future of Work and AI
Who's going to teach the robots manners? How do we protect the robotic workforce from pre-programmed bias?  We live in a world which is inherently biased. Humans have innate bias and there is a body of thought that claims even big data is biased. Machines learn their prejudices in language. If a bias is detected in an AI algorithm, it is easy to rectify this simply by re-programming it. It is getting people to acknowledge the bias in the first place that is the hard part. 
How do we address the potential for discrimination in an incredibly complex environment that is already quietly embedded in our personal lives and in some of the most powerful institutions on Earth? The are questions about the ethical implementation of AI. Join IMNZ and a panel of thought leaders as we discuss how we’re shaping our technological future, and why we need to have a diversity of thought in how we shape our technologies.
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