Vehicle Wraps from Marketing Works: Cost-Effective Alternatives to Paint Jobs

Friday 20 July 2018, 12:41PM
By Beckie Wright

The price of getting a car fully painted is only getting steeper, so businesses seeking more cost-effective alternatives are turning to vehicle wraps instead. The Auckland design and signage team at Marketing Works save their clients time, effort, and especially money, in more ways than one just by wrapping fleets and utility vehicles.

The initial capital savings that car wraps offer is its biggest strength, because a high-quality paint job can easily reach the thousands. Car wrapping costs can vary depending on size as well as project complexity, but it is easily the cheaper option overall especially for multiple vehicles/fleets, with more colour options available at more affordable prices.

Additionally, if your business chooses to rebrand a few years down the line, it’s much more cost-effective to peel off car wraps and stick on a new one instead of getting a whole new paint job. This provides flexibility as well as a way to refresh your branding without the heavier cost weight.

A vehicle wrap also acts as a casing that protects a car’s underlying paint. If you unwrap a quality-wrapped, well-maintained vehicle years later, the paint job can still look brand new, boosting the vehicle’s potential resale value. High-performance vehicle wraps from Marketing Works feature laminate film with UV protection to significantly lengthen their wrap service life.

Finally, vehicle wraps are easier to care for than paint. A simple hand wash with a soft sponge and mild detergent will make your car wrap look pristine again. This saves time and money on car washes, as well as removes the hassle of fixing paint scratches and scuffs.

Interested in getting car wraps to make your business stand out from the crowd? The team at Marketing Works can help you make smart decisions that fit your business goals and budget.

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