Digital Signs Are All For Being Warm

Wednesday 15 August 2018, 5:43PM
By Beckie Wright

Nobody likes being cold, which is why we all love an open fire. Isn’t it a shame that the vibrant high definition digital screens from Digital Signs are LED and not made up of light bulbs or back light with fluorescent tubes (like the older model billboards are).

LED (light emitting diode) technology uses 62.79% less power than the equivalent in fluro tubes giving a saving of $26.00 per annum if just one light bulb was changed.

With all of this power saving comes less heat generation so while Digital Signs ‘look hot’, they actually run very cool and do not use much power. You are going to have to be happy with just looking at the picture of a nice fire burning as a video as we come into your winter solstice to enjoy as you certainly won’t get warm by holding your hands up.

There is one other benefit that winter brings us though when it comes to getting effective advertising results from your digital LED billboard or sign though – and that is with less sunshine around your vibrant LED sign is going to really stand out and grab the attention of passing motorists!

Digital screens are 400% more effective as an advertising medium (Intel Corp) because of the light-depth difference that exists between that medium and a printed billboard (even if it has lights above it).

To demonstrate what is meant – imagine walking down a street and someone flickers a torch in your direction, even if it is during the day? Your eyes are instantly drawn to the light difference that you see.

Digital billboards and LED signs take advantage of this light-depth perception and in part that is why they are so effective at attracting the attention of your passing customer and converting them into new business to grow your revenue.

It is  a simple fact that during winter we have less sunshine that during summer. In fact Wellington, New Zealand had the darkest winter on record in June since 1982 (Dominion Post article). With the lower natural daylight, but still having a vibrant high performing digital screen operating, you are going to get even better marketing results than you otherwise would have had. Not only will this not cost you more, but it will actually cost you less due to the power saving qualities of modern LED technology.

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