Dil's Funeral Services Offer Printing, Multimedia & Web Streaming

Wednesday 29 August 2018, 11:19AM
By Beckie Wright

Dil’s Funeral Services make it easy for you by offering a complete range of printing and multimedia services. Their professional Graphic Designers are on hand to create beautiful works of art in the creation of Service Sheets, Visual Tributes, Thank you Cards, and any other graphic or multimedia output you might need.

Service Sheets (Orders of Service) come in a wide variety of styles and designs and include photos of the deceased selected by the family. Often themed to capture some aspect of the deceased’s life they become a simple memento for family and friends to take away from the service.

Visual Tributes are now a much-loved part of today’s funerals. This is where a series of photos from a person’s life are set to music and saved to a digital file. The Tribute can then be played during the reflection time of the service. This is a powerful way to capture and present different aspects of someone’s life, and it becomes a valued keepsake after the funeral. We can arrange to do this for you, and if you’re going to create your own Video Tribute they require the final copy at least 24 hours before the service so that it can be tested on their system.

A Thank You Card is one way of acknowledging those who have expressed their sympathy, love and support, and Dil’s can easily take care of this for you. Similarly, if friends or family can’t be at the funeral, they can still be part of it by viewing it live, online.You can invite any number of people, wherever they are in the world, to watch the funeral service on the internet via a webcast from Dil’s North Harbour Chapel. They can view the webcast via a link that will be emailed directly to them, or if they have the codes, they can view through our website.

The service will be available to view online for up to three months after the funeral, but this time may be extend for a further year if required. Webcasting can be arranged at any time prior to the service starting. The service is broadcast in real-time video and audio via the internet and can be viewed anywhere in the world. Access to view is directly through the website .

In addition to being able to webcast services at their North Harbour Chapel, options exist for off-site venues also. In addition to Webcasting, if you’d like a memento of the funeral Dil’s can also make an audio or video recording of the service, so for more information on funerals, cremations and funeral services please visit the website at .