Get Good Electrical To Provide That Spring Check on Pools & Spa Pools

Monday 10 September 2018, 1:42PM
By Beckie Wright

Proper pool maintenance is essential to keeping a healthy pool and spa, but there are certain steps to maintenance that you really need your electrican to provide.

Now is the time to replace broken or old pool appliances, and just before summer starts is a great time to update your systems. Good Electrical will check the electrical parts of your pool system.

At Good Electrical they specialise in spa and pool electrical repairs, maintenance and new installations, and can repair and organise replacement parts as required, and can offer a wide range of brands ensuring you get the best price.

Pool pumps are the most important tool for the upkeep and maintenance of swimming pools, working with filters to maintain the cleanliness of swimming pools, and come in different sizes and pumping capabilities. Some are made for smaller in-ground pools while others are designed for above ground pools. For both in ground and above ground applications, you should contact Good Electrical for pump installation.

Your pool needs to be checked regularly, to ensure that pumps are operating at their optimum, and Good Electrical’s Martin Good has over 25 years’ experience in promptly diagnosing problems with pumps and heaters, letting you get back to enjoying relaxing in your pool or spa.

Good Electrical can repair and organise replacement parts as required and can offer a wide range of brands ensuring you get the best price. They work closely with pool installation contractors, installing new pools or refurbishment of existing pools, including replacing pool lighting with the latest in LED lighting.

If your spa pool won’t heat or your pool won’t pump, give them a call, and for more information on Auckland electrical, electricians Auckland and Auckland electricians please go to www.aucklandelectrician.co.nz .