Which heat pumps are best for those cold winters in Dunedin?

Wednesday 12 September 2018, 11:50AM

By David digal



Dunedin is popularly known for many things – its renaissance inspired railway station, Toitu Otago’s Settler’s museum, the Otago Penninsula, the Larnach Castle and of course ITS WET COLD WINTERS!!!

If you live, study, work in Dunedin, you are most likely to stay indoors on those cold winter evenings unlike those bustling tourists outside. Unfortunately, many of the houses, especially that were built years back, lack proper insulation and make you feel no different than if you were outside, which makes having a proper heating system or heat pump in place inevitable in your Dunedin home.

Heat pumps don’t come cheap but are an important investment and it’s good to understand which heat systems would suit your home best before you buy. Here are some points to keep in mind when picking out a heat pump:


The first rule of thumb to remember while picking out a heat pump is the size of the room you are buying it for. You don’t want to get a heat pump that doesn’t have enough capacity to heat up a big room or get one that’s way too effective and consumes too much energy for a small room. Here’s how you should decide the ideal capacity of heat pump for your room...

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