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State-of-the-Art Cloud Services From CodeBlue

Thursday 13 September 2018, 12:45PM
By Beckie Wright

CodeBlue is at the forefront of IT Managed Services for mid-sized organisations, and they understand the need to deliver value for money to help keep IT support costs down and maximise investment in existing and new technology. Their fixed monthly service fee provides exactly this peace of mind for their customers.

CodeBlue’s wide range of services include Proactive IT support, Cyber Security services, CIO servies, Data backup and recovery, IT strategy, and Cloud and Procurement services, and this month we examine their state-of-the-art Cloud services. 

CodeBlue offers a state-of-the-art cloud services solution to mid-sized organisations in New Zealand, with the latest cloud technology helping organisations reduce their IT expenditure whilst improving data resilience, system performance and ease of management.

CodeBlue’s Cloud infrastructure provides your organisation with the use of a fully managed, highly secure data centre environment for a fixed monthly fee, with access to the latest server, data storage and network technologies, without the need to buy or install the equipment.

CodeBlue can purchase existing in-house IT infrastructure as part of a fully outsourced and managed solution; or accommodate a blended Cloud approach for clients who only need to move part of their infrastructure or some applications to the Cloud.

With more than 120 staff across six branches in New Zealand, CodeBlue has an enviable record of success delivering IT services. They have specialists in IT strategy, IT operations, IT security, business process and business intelligence, and whatever your IT requirements, they have the capabilities to help your organisation.

You can eliminate capital expenditure for new services, and enjoy lower support costs, automated backup and disaster recovery and the ability to dynamically adjust server capacity according to demand. CodeBlue’s Cloud computing service is powerful, flexible, secure and highly affordable. Put simply, CodeBlue has invested in the latest data centre technologies so you don’t have to, so for more information on IT companies in Auckland, IT services and Cloud computing please go to .