Just Water Stop Their Use of Plastic Cups

Friday 21 September 2018, 8:10PM
By Beckie Wright

Just Water New Zealand, a division of publicly-listed Just Water International Ltd, will be stopping the sale of single-use plastic cups, as part of a campaign to reduce the amount of single-use plastic waste in the environment.

Chief Executive of Just Water, Tony Falkenstein, said, “It didn’t hit home, until recently, that we were part of the single-use plastic problem, having sold millions of plastic cups over 30 years – it was our staff who actually asked the question – “Why are we continuing to sell these plastic cups?”

“It was a confronting question,” said Tony, “and we decided to act – not only by stopping selling plastic cups, but also looking for ways we could ask our suppliers to reduce the plastic packaging waste that we were receiving,”

Mikaela Henare, a Just Water Accounts Team Leader, was one of the staff, who called for the stopping of selling plastic cups. “Here we are with a Company mission of ‘enhancing lives’, and then we are pushing these single-use plastic cups, which are known to be polluting our oceans,” she said, “and the Company has found an alternative which is both biodegradable and decompostable”.

“We won’t save the world by ourselves,” said Tony Falkenstein, “but if we all do our little bit to reduce this environmental damage, the world will be a better place”.

Just Water has launched a campaign in press and social media to encourage other companies to reduce their usage of single-use plastic, and for more information on water fountains NZ, coolers and drinking water please go to www.justwater.conz .