Alpha Shuttles launch new private Auckland Airport transfer service

Friday 28 September 2018, 1:20PM
By Beckie Wright

Auckland-based passenger transportation specialists Alpha Shuttles have launched a new exclusively private service taking passengers to and from Auckland Airport, as a complement to their shared airport transfer shuttle service which allows customers to share transportation with others in their neighbourhood who are travelling to the same destination at the same time.

Introduced first back in May, Alpha Shuttle’s private airport luxury shuttle service gives passengers the chance to enjoy the peace and quiet of taking a private trip to the airport. Customers will be picked up at their time of choice, and will enjoy a relaxing journey without the hassles of travel modes such as public transport. Both airport pickups and drop-offs can be arranged, meaning that your trip could both begin and end in the most luxurious way imaginable.

Furthermore, as an affiliated member of Auckland Transport’s Northern Express service, Alpha Shuttles have access to the Northern busway and Auckland City’s bus lanes, giving passengers travelling from the North Shore the ability to reach the airport in a much faster time. According to the shuttle operator, this is a unique advantage that relieves passengers of undue stress around their trip to the airport, and ensures that they are able to arrive in time to catch their flight.

Customers that aren’t as concerned with having a private and quiet journey can opt for a group transport option, with Alpha’s shared airport shuttle service. As described above, this service will pair or group passengers with other users in their area or on their route who share the same destination, and are leaving at around the same time. This allows Alpha Shuttles to charge passengers a cheaper rate, however still makes sure that the shuttle won’t be taking detours all over the city on the way to the airport – keeping passengers’ travel times as short as possible is a priority for Alpha’s drivers and staff.

For information on the services that Alpha Shuttles provide, including event and VIP transport, to get a quote on any shuttle service, or to make a booking today, head to and get in touch with their Alpha Angels, or phone 0800 4686 2371 to speak with someone directly.