Create Unique Video Walls with Curved Signage from Digital Signs

Sunday 30 September 2018, 6:07PM
By Beckie Wright

Curved signage from Digital Signs is giving Kiwi businesses the opportunity to seamlessly update their product offering or information any time they like. Curved signage from the company can be used to create an immersive video wall, expanding the scope of their message to a wider and more engaged audience. 

The company is always looking to innovate, and these curved signs allows businesses to do what was once impossible - use a bottle as an advertising billboard, for example. The company provides design consultation to create unique advertising campaigns.

A curved LED display is an economical advertising option as it is low maintenance, and adds interest to a boring, boxy space. Around the world curved signage is being used in displays – from newsrooms to billboards.  NBC’sToday Show”  recently used numerous video wall and arrays on the main level of in Studio 1A  to cover Hurricane Florence.

The studio’s 40-foot curved video wall played two roles in the sequence, which was shot with a handheld camera — both to show the network’s hurricane branding along with a giant weather map — and then reappearing later.

Using the a mix of the “video on video” and “walk and wander” technique, the camera then swept around to use the sliding video panels in the production area to showcase some key facts before pulling back to showcase four vertically mounted panels with live shots.

Next up, the camera swung back over to the curved video wall where they showcased three maps on it before using the production area’s video walls again for an additional map and coverage.

Here in New Zealand, TVNZ unveiled a 17m-long and 2.5m-high screen in January as the backdrop to its news programmes. The screen is made up of 175 LED panels. 

Digital Signs has ‘gentle’ and ‘crazy’ models of curved signs available. ‘Gentle’ panels are offset while the ‘crazy’ model are fully flexible mesh that will wrap around even a lamp post. For shop windows they have the transparent units where it can be used to advertise to those on the outside, while still be able to look out from the inside. Digital Signs do short term and long-term rentals and even sell these LED signs. They also have portable signs that have been mounted on to a galvanised trolley.

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