All About Post Haste

Tuesday 9 October 2018, 7:08PM
By Beckie Wright

Post Haste’s origins began back in 1977 when Armourguard Security Couriers (the original Freightways courier company) became Courier Systems Limited. Post Haste were established to be serious competition to the then independently owned NZ Couriers. A national network based on the existing Freightways road transport system was set up, and it was not long before Courier Systems Limited was seen as a force to be reckoned with in the New Zealand market.

In 1988 Courier Systems Ltd changed its name to Post Haste. Since its inception, Post Haste have established a strong and dynamic presence within the express parcel industry, developing a highly efficient distribution network locally, nationally and internationally, and their key focus over the years has been to develop long-term business relationships with both small and large customers.

Post Haste’s image highlights their New Zealand origins, and the pride that is associated with being a local courier company with great national coverage. In 2005 they made the decision to re-evaluate the brand in an effort to not only refresh the image, but to refresh their business attitude by investment in their people, operations and the technology that supports both.

They feel it is important that their brand reflects the major factors that influence their business and the pathway that has been created to achieve their goals. The fern and the colour scheme are synonymous with New Zealand, and as a quintessentially New Zealand owned and operated business this was paramount in selecting the new design.

In keeping with their past, the colour scheme is also a reflection of the original colours used when they were formally known as Courier Systems Ltd, dating back to 1977. The stylised fern is designed with a tyre tread pattern in mind representing the 20 plus million kilometers their vehicles travel each year to over 300 towns and cities nationwide.

Next month we will discuss the development and refinement of the Post Haste network, and the technology that keeps them at the top of their game, so for more information on post tracking, parcel post tracking and track and trace NZ please go to .