Harcourts Cooper & Co. Are Proud of Their Auction Statistics

Friday 19 October 2018, 5:32PM
By Beckie Wright

Harcourts Cooper & Co. are justifiably proud of their auction statisics, as they are satisfied they do them better than any other company. With one of Cooper & Co’s 5 on site auction specialists, selling by auction is the preferred option for many. This is because their property is generally on the market for a shorter time, and has the highest sales rate.

Cooper & Co. offer an intensive, high profile auction marketing programme, attracting genuinely interested, cash-in-hand buyers. These buyers are focused on the maximum price they’ll pay, not how low their offer should be, and it’s this natural level of competition that helps establish the highest possible price on the day. Cooper & Co. will assist you in setting the terms, conditions and auction day deadline. Also, the property needs to be only opened for buyer viewing at times that best suit you, so the auction process is regarded as the least disruptive method of selling.

Harcourts huge network of branches across the North Shore, Auckland and throughout New Zealand offer cutting edge technology systems, creating extra exposure for the property. If the property is passed in, it will be exposed on the open market as an exclusive listing at a saleable price, established from the market feedback received throughout the auction process. On the top of all of this, the level of service and feedback by their sales consultant is second to none.

Ilse Evans of Harcourts Northern Region says, “List now. If you think you can do better later, do so. But truth is I believe from the coal face it is on a very gentle decline. So list and sell now!”

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