Hartmann & Forbes Handwoven Shades in New Zealand

Wednesday 24 October 2018, 8:53AM
By Thrive Tech


The quality, character and design of each Hartmann & Forbes product begins with the careful examination and selection of premium natural fibers. Working with local farmers within close proximity to their weaving facility to select the finest rapidly renewable materials, using strict measures for colour, texture and durability. After loom preparation, which includes dyeing, sun bleaching and hand tying each fiber, a loom master weaves signature designs using a complex rhythm of warps and wefts.

Custom shade finishing is then completed in Portland, Oregon by skilled American craftsmen – each shade, drapery and top treatment carefully crafted to the designer’s precise requirements. 

This high quality product is now available and can be viewed in Denote's luxury interiors showroom in Auckland.


Hartmann & Forbes are known for thier weaving methods. From true made-to-order woven-to-size blinds & shades to taylored to size they custom make the solution to fit your window.


Once an order is received, artisans prepare the natural fibers, which are then handwoven to the precise window dimensions. The hallmark of this method is the loom-finished edge — a meticulous technique of looping weft fibers at each edge, then shuttling them back through the loom to create a continuous warp-edge finish. This arduous weaving technique has a longer lead time, but delivers an exquisite shade-edge detail and wide seamless widths.


This method is a weave-and-stock process. Fibers are prepared and woven into roll goods and inventoried in the finishing facility in Oregon. Once an order is received, craftsmen measure and precisely trim and tailor each shade material to size. The edges are meticulously stitched when necessary for a finished-edge appearance. Since Tailored to Size materials are pre-woven and in stock, it may have size limitations due to roll widths, but offers a shorter lead time and lower price point than Woven to Size materials.

These incredible natural weaves are designed in textural patterns with soft tonal hues, inviting a serene and tranquil mood to interiors. If you would like to view the full collection visit Denotes website or book an appointment in the Auckland showroom.