Sleepy Raglan Already Benefiting From the Rangitahi Project

Tuesday 30 October 2018, 8:56PM
By Beckie Wright

The sleepy seaside town of Raglan is slowly waking up to the fact that their beautiful little town seems very inviting to both visitors and aspiring residents alike. For years Raglan has been a hidden secret, known mainly to surfers (albeit from all over the world), but with the burgeoning migration from our cities to small town New Zealand, Raglan is growing apace.

The Rangitahi Peninsula is Raglan’s newest property offering a new urban sustainable neighbourhood, and a bit of coastal paradise on the west coast of New Zealand. Years ago, the Peacocke family set out to create an incredible new vision for the Rangitahi Peninsular, which they had formerly farmed. Their idea is to bring Rangitahi alive with relaxed, like-minded people, and as they say, “The opportunities are endless”. Raglan is filled with people who are inspired by nature. They are vibrant and energetic, and Raglan should continue to grow that way”.

The tranquil harbour estuary, which reaches out to the Tasman Sea, surrounds the peninsula, and the diversity of sections available will suit both permanent residents and weekend holiday makers. There is great opportunity to practise sustainable living on Rangitahi: you could have a bigger piece of land to grow your own produce, or just choose a low maintenance property protected by our much loved Kiwi native bush and of course, the tuis.

Additionally, the development will see the creation of various community services, and mixed-use spaces such as cafés, apartment living, boutique shops, and office spaces. The Community will have access to new recreational reserves, a community garden, and 15kms of walking tracks around the peninsula. All of which will provide jobs and recreational opportunities for the people of Raglan.

The residential buildings aim to allow room for diversity in scale and form, but are subject to the architectural guidelines designed and reviewed by Rangitahi. This means the residential development will balance between diversified building types while abating environmentally damaging architecture, which is arguably not the case in some of the new developments now happening in Raglan itself.

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