Heat Pump Guys Offering Free Appraisals to Upgrade Heating/Cooling Units

Wednesday 31 October 2018, 9:19PM
By Beckie Wright

Auckland’s leading independent heat pump specialists. Heat Pump Guys are offering free appraisals to customers who want to upgrade their heating and cooling systems, to improve efficiency. The company says new technology is making older units less efficient when compared with the new breed of systems using “inverter technology” and modern gases.

The replacement technology only requires the indoor and the outdoor units to be changed, and not the pipe work. The upgrading process has minimal impact or inconvenience during normal working hours.

Heat Pump Guys offer the best value for money regarding advice, sales, installation and maintenance services for domestic, residential and light commercial customers. They are authorised representatives for most top brands and can provide unbiased recommendations for the most appropriate and cost-effective makes and models for homes and offices.

The company recommends Mitsubishi Electric that has developed a unique and patented technology which allows the replacement of outdated and poor performing heat pumps/air conditioners with their modern and highly efficient equipment utilising the existing R22 and R407 refrigerant gas piping, thereby vastly reducing the cost.

Previously it would be impossible to swap out units because the different gases, pipe-lines and parts used are incompatible. Older gases, traditionally work at lower pressures and many have external copper piping with reduced wall thicknesses which are unsuitable for the higher pressure modern gas (R410A).

Mitsubishi Electric patented technologies have overcome these hurdles. Through a combination of an automatic pipe-cleaning process and the use of specialist coatings within the compressor to reduce friction and temperatures (that would normally destroy the lubrication properties of the oil), it is now possible for cost effective installation of modern and efficient Mitsubishi Electric units in place of outdated equipment.

Modern inverter heat pumps running on R410A gas can have efficiencies (COP’s) up to 4.78, giving vast running cost savings when compared to equivalent older fixed speed models, running on R22. Current Mitsubishi Electric high wall heat pump models all qualify for the Energy Star mark.

With the adoption of the Montreal Protocol by New Zealand and the implementation of the Ozone Layer Protection Act 1996 it is now illegal to import HCFC’s such as R22. This is already causing a shortage of the gas for older systems thereby affecting the ability to service these units.  The 1987 Montreal Protocol, the first environmental treaty to receive worldwide support to legally enforce the phasing out of ozone-depleting chemicals, is trying to save the ozone shield.

Heat Pump Guys can be contacted on 0800 00 37 85

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