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Design Unique Office Spaces with Commercial Traders

Wednesday 31 October 2018, 11:32PM
By Beckie Wright

Commercial Traders say custom office furniture can make businesses work better. The company can make small or large pieces that will look beautiful and work efficiently in workspaces. Customised furniture is an important part of their business and they can work with manufacturers in Auckland. While custom furniture sounds expensive in most cases it can produce significant savings.  The company can provide something unique to any business that can help them stand out from the crowd and increase productivity. 

Commercial Traders can allow businesses to add extra desks or storage. A few custom items can be replicated. They carry melteca and bestwood samples in store, and they can replicate from samples. They can also work from photos or drop in for a measure in the Auckland area. They also deal with the demands of large offices which means they can deal with odd lengths and heights in desks; odd lengths in meeting tables; custom height tables for sorting and filing or storage options.

The company believes modern furniture can lift workplace productivity and improve customer perceptions, which all help to improve bottomline. The furniture from Commercial Traders is built primarily with laminate board (melteca and bestwood) and steel for table frames.

As businesses grow, clutter accumulates. Storage becomes an issue as most modern offices face the challenge of keeping clutter away. With open plans storage is hard and there is little room for stationery, paperwork and merchandise. Commercial Traders can address the issue of storage by customising any space.

Commercial Traders also make great quality office furniture accessible to everyone with Flexirent Finance. Flexirent offers cashflow friendly finance to businesses that need assets to improve and grow their operations. By choosing to finance the next office upgrade clients can minimise initial cash outlay.

Commercial Traders can be contacted on 0800 444 827 or

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