Collins Civil & Drainage Maintain Stormwater Drains

Thursday 1 November 2018, 3:47PM
By Beckie Wright

Residential and drainage experts Collins Civil & Drainage say blocked stormwater drains can lead to serious flooding in homes. For professional and efficient drainage solutions across Greater Auckland, Collins Civil and Drainage has licensed, certified and equipped tradesmen. They are qualified to install, repair and perform alterations to domestic and commercial drainage systems.

Property owners are responsible for maintaining private stormwater assets on their property. Collins Civil & Drainage can provide regular scheduled maintenance of drains. They recommend servicing every six months to prevent problems like a blocked drainage system.

Customers who notice symptoms of a block and if none of the DIY solutions work well tradesman from Collins Civil & Drainage can help. Blocked stormwater drains are not something to ignore as they can cause substantial flooding and water damage. A professional drainage contractor can provide a high-pressure water-jet and/or with a sewer camera identify problems and the best course of action.

It’s not as easy to tell if the stormwater drain is blocked. Large puddles or pools of water by the drain after a big storm may indicate a block. This means that the drain is struggling to manage the influx of rainwater. If the pool of water is running back into the home, it indicates bigger issues.

The home is a complex network of pipes and fittings that mix high pressures, high temperatures, gas, electricity and many other high-risk hazards which are dangerous and could potentially put the family's health and safety under threat if handled incorrectly.

When it comes to cleaning and unblocking drains, tradesmen from Collins Civil & Drainage have the expertise and tools to solve issues. With a CCTV inspection system, they will effectively pinpoint the faults in the drainage systems and eliminate blockages with high-pressure hydro jetting system. They also design regular service plans for drains, grease traps, rain water harvesting, detention tanks, and waste water management systems.

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