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Start Planning For the Year Ahead With Bartercard

Friday 2 November 2018, 7:04PM
By Beckie Wright

It is always a good idea to take some time out, before the end of the year, to start planning for the year ahead, reminding us of the superior results we can achieve by deliberately taking time out to plan - before we begin a task. It all starts with a planning session.

Preparing for what is to come is important. We need to distinguish between what is urgent and what feels urgent which will enable us to determine the tasks we need to focus our attention on first. We need to begin by creating a plan of attack, breaking down any complex tasks into specific actions.

We should also break down the goals into specific, smaller actions that begin with a verb (ACTION word) to make it very clear what our intentions are. This goal becomes more focused by listing the required actions what are our growth straegies, plans and goals?

Research has indicated that being specific about goals and the tasks required, increases successful outcomes. Also having the required steps mapped out in advance reduces the need for additional thinking as the year progresses, and lessens the likelihood of procrastination. 

Bartercard’s simple-to-use system means business owners can spend less time on things like their accounting and more time focusing on business growth strategies, and how they can work with your accounting system, and how it can benefit you and your business.   

What makes Bartercard’s system so simple to use is that, in addition to integrating with a member’s current financial system, there are a number of other aspects of Bartercard that make its accounting processes simple to use.

Bartercard understand what matters most to business owners - increasing cash flow, and growing your business. All you need to do is set up Bartercard as another bank account in your system, allowing you to focus on what is more important in your business, so for more information on how to increase profits, getting new customers and customer rewards programmes please go to .

 To help people manage their business more effectively, the Bartercard team have created a free resource which can be downloaded on their website. You’ll gain valuable insights into the habits the most successful business owners have in common. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Small Business Owners eBook covers learning how to roll with the punches, exploring the art of long and short-term plans, monitoring cash flow and spending, working with the pros vs. DIY opportunities, embracing technology and being open to change.