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More Happy Customers Write to Oscar Juicers About Their Purchase

Tuesday 6 November 2018, 6:58PM
By Beckie Wright

Tony Hodge of Oscar Juicers receives testimonials on a regular basis, with rave reviews on the Oscar juicer and how happy people are with their new purchase, and the following are no exception.

“I am thrilled with my Oscar. It is so quiet, so effective, and so easy to clean. Thank you for your attentive service.” Brenda.

“Thank you so much for my amazing juicer - I LOVE it! It has been fun making different recipes every day and the children now get very enthusiastic in choosing ingredients. I am to shortly undergo intensive chemotherapy and radiation and know that my juicer will be a huge help in keeping my mind and body more healthy through the process. I have recommended your wonderful product to many and hope that they will make a purchase in the near future. PS: The Burgundy looks great in my kitchen!”

Kim, Ngaruawahia.

“Thank you for your prompt and helpful service. I have had other juicers in the past and they don’t come close. The Oscar juicer is the best of the best. I absolutely love it and use it every day. I juice for the whole family and we have noticed our health has improved, our energy levels are off the Richter scale. I cannot recommend the Oscar Juicer enough. Thank you Tony! A very very happy customer.” Sue, Auckland.

“Thanks for your great service when purchasing my Oscar Juicer - have been enjoying 2 weeks of juicing, having a fun time concocting all styles of juices with varying fruit & vege, generally with lovely palatable taste. What a joy to clean machine, so much easier than others I've had in the past!!!” Ally, Christchurch.

“Hi Tony - OSCAR is Amazing! I can't believe the amount of juice it extracts compared to the volume I was having to put through my Breville. The quality of the juice is outstanding and the robustness of the machine gives me huge confidence it really will last me a lifetime!! Thanks so much. I'll send back the warranty.” Leigh, Auckland.

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