Static Billboard to Digital Conversions From BigaVision

Tuesday 20 November 2018, 2:53PM
By Beckie Wright

Digital billboards are a popular type of advertising that are light years ahead of static billboards, and utilising this top advertising trend can greatly increase the profile of any company. These billboards offer clear images that are controlled by a computer to change every few seconds. With a large variety of digital displays, this type of advertisement engages consumers and focuses their attention on the product or service.

By giving the public something interesting to see, advertising will have a much bigger impact on consumers. Ads that are capable of showing a countdown, having continual content such as a weather report or advertising a time-sensitive special event can change often enough to keep people watching. A digital display can also target specific geographic locations and demographics, so the advertising appeals to the local people. It is a much more efficient way to spend marketing budgets for a better ROI, and the advertiser has control of the content from outdoor connections. The software enables the advertiser to modify the content at any time.

Nowadays, traditional billboards are beginning to be replaced by digital billboards at a fantastic pace. Some disagree with the abundance of electronic signs, while others embrace the new technology and innovation. More and more digital billboards are showing up, while traditional billboards are starting to decline.

Because digital billboards are wired to a central server, you can update the messages they display continuously. This gives advertisers new and interesting ways of portraying a message. For example, a TV channel can display its local listings, or a local coffee shop can show its daily deal. This ability to update content as quickly or as often as needed gives digital billboards great value.

Finally, while the initial set up costs of digital billboards exceed those of traditional billboards, once the setup costs are completed, there is little more to do (other than electricity cost.) This means that as an advertiser, you will avoid the setup costs, so for more information on outdoor screens, outdoor advertising and outdoor media advertising please go to .