Agent Finder Advocate Home Staging to Achieve the Optimum Sale Price

Tuesday 20 November 2018, 6:41PM
By Beckie Wright

One of the factors that can influence the optimum sale price of your home is the extent to which you prepare your home to sell. For example, minor improvements, repairs, maintenance and home staging can make a significant different to the price a home can sell for.

Home staging is a proven way to help increase the sale, and estate agents often report a 10-15% increase in sale prices. Home staging is all about looks, big impact and low spend, and using a repeated theme is a way of bringing some class to the décor.

There is also the importance of ‘street appeal’, by ridding the back yard of landscape detractors, and turning the garage back into an actual car space, not a storage space. You can then think about an inexpensive face-list for the kitchen, updating it without totally replacing it; ditto the bathroom. Prospective buyers take in your kitchen and bathroom because they are the most expensive areas to update. 

These are the areas that women are most interested in and often women are the decision-makers when it comes to home buying. When you don't have the budget for putting in a new kitchen and bathroom, you can still create a good impression by working with what you've got.

Other handy hints include: replacing the letter box, having a hedge rather than a wooden fence, updating blinds on front windows, the value of a good lawn, home staging inside, including new cushions and rugs, uniform blinds and simple touches such as side tables and lamps.

Finally, shifting the laundry from the bathroom to the garage, and adding good looking outdoor furniture you can take with you when you go, can make the ultimate difference between disappointment and an optimum sale price.

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