Dil's Funerals Explain Why You Should Have a Funerals

Tuesday 20 November 2018, 6:50PM
By Beckie Wright

We’ve all heard it before, “I don’t want any fuss.” “When I’m dead just cremate me and get on with your life”. Some people think they’re making it easy for others when they say things like that, but what they don’t realise is that a funeral service is actually for the living not the dead.

Funerals give families and friends an opportunity to gather, remember and celebrate. Having people around you can be incredibly supportive when you’re dealing with a loss, and when families work closely together to create a beautiful funeral the overall experience can be uplifting.

If people don’t want any fuss when they’re gone, their funeral can be true to their wishes. It can be extremely simple and private. Or, if they want an elaborate send off where everyone they’ve ever known is invited, Dil’s will organise that too. What is important is that those left behind have a chance to gather, remember and celebrate - to say goodbye - in some meaningful way.

When the various elements of a funeral come together in a meaningful way it provides an experience which is transformative for those impacted by the loss. Traditionally, these elements have involved some sort of ritual, such as the formal rites of the church, but in modern time funerals have evolved to now include additional forms of expression such as using music, focusing on the life of the deceased and telling their story, the sharing of food and more.

A good funeral uses a variety of elements to provide you with the space, time and support needed to work through your grief in a helpful, healthy way, but planning a funeral can seem overwhelming when you consider the many options available. Dil’s say, “It’s amazing how much difference one call can make. First, we’ll answer any questions you have. Then we’ll arrange to bring the deceased to our funeral home. We’ll also set a time and place to meet with you and those involved in making the funeral arrangements”, so for more information on caskets for funerals, funeral directors, funeral streaming and eco friendly caskets please go to .