Replacing Millions of Plastic Cups with Eco Friendly Coffee, Artistic Coffee Mugs - One Sip At A Time

Sunday 25 November 2018, 5:34PM
By Cuppa Coffee Cup

200 million. That's the estimated number of plastic cups we throw away each year. That's right - our nation of less than 5 million - New Zealand - throws away on average 40  plastic cups per person each year. That number is 800 million in Australia! Now some would say that's something to think about the next time you sip on your morning cuppa!


Plastic's damage to our environment is a serious concern as of today in 2018. We've reached the point where plastic has entered the food chain and is present in micro quantities in the food we buy today.


Clearly something needs to be done. And someone definitely decided to do something. "Look, we all live with the question over our heads - 'does my recycling actually end up in a landfill?' " says Aucklander Darren Turner - founder and general manager of Cuppa Coffee Cup.

"If it's a disposable cup that's lined with plastic, or even a compostable cup in an area without the right facility to compost, then that's probably a yes".    


So what is Cuppa Coffee Cup you ask?

Cuppa Coffee Cup is a New Zealand based local business that makes reusable designer coffee cups nz wide. With the simple thought of putting more and more designer takeaway mugs that were eco friendly, into the hands of kiwis, artists from all around the country came together to carve out some of the most unique designs (Range), giving Australians and New Zealanders the fanciest coffee cups you're ever likely to see, with full colour imagery and a lightweight touch and feel.


Not only is Cuppa Coffee Cup a designer coffee mug, it's durable and available in 2 different sizes. They also make custom coffee mugs for businesses.

So go ahead and help us make Aotearoa as it was supposed to be - clean, green and plastic free.

Grab a sustainable coffee cup at your nearest Farmers today - and have a fresh cuppa coffee like a legend!