Innovative Sign Ideas to Help in your Brand Strategy Campaigns

Thursday 29 November 2018, 12:59PM
By Beckie Wright

One of the most effective ways to deliver a call-to-action (CTA), is via fun, witty signage. It’s a great branding and marketing strategy, especially for up-and-coming companies where the budget for advertising is often diverted for other uses.

Signage is one of the many ways in which companies communicate with their customers, but it’s important because it can be a representation of their ideas, able to capture the imagination of their audience, and at the same time create a dedicated customer base.

For instance, hotels can come up with a brand strategy using pools and fountains already available at the facility. They can create a floating signage featuring a welcome for guests, or information about an event at the hotel. Ideas like these are perfect candidates for social media posts – signage doesn’t just have to exist in the real world. We know live in an era where creative signage extends into our digital world too, passed around from one social media channel to another.

Firms that dabble in film and fashion could use some neon signage installation. Neon signage evokes nostalgia because, back in the day, the film industry used it frequently. It’s a nice and creative touch, especially for industries connected to fashion and film niches.

With a little more imagination, Post-Its can become cheap advertising aids and out-of-the-box signage too. When combined to form words and designs, Post-Its are already creative enough to call attention. Businesses with a lot of space to spare can use this kind of advertising. It’s cheap and also effective, especially when it goes viral on social media channels.

Businesses like skate shops and surf establishments can use advertising in the form of graffiti Signage grounded in art-culture movements is a great pathway for creative expression, and showing its target audience what the company is all about.

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