Vine Online Places Outback Jack Australian Cab Merlot and Berton Reserve Barossa Shiraz on Exclusive Sale

Thursday 29 November 2018, 11:40PM

By Beckie Wright


There’s nothing like enjoying a bottle of award-winning vintage wine to cap off a tiring day. The rise of stores selling wine online can be seen as a continuation of the development of convenience in the modern era. Online wine store Vine Online carries a wide range of products – so much so that there’s practically liquor for any particular taste.

Two practical choices for anyone looking to unwind after work are the Berton Reserve Barossa Shiraz 2016, and the Outback Jack Australian Cab Merlot 2017. But what is it that really sets these apart from the rest?

To begin with, both are exclusive to the Vine Online store. The Outback Jack Australian Cab Merlot 2017 is a vibrant vintage someone with a liking for chocolates and spices can enjoy. These flavours have been creatively infused along with a hint of fruit and oak – leading to the bottle being awarded the Gold and Silver Medals at the China Wine & Spirits event.

The Berton Reserve Barossa Shiraz 2016 is another award-winning vintage, which won the Decanter World’s best value Red Rhone variety award in 2015. The 2016 vintage features a full palate of plum skin, mulberry, and touches of vanilla and blackberry. Vanilla oak and spicy tannins complete the body of this merlot’s flavour.

The Barossa Shiraz 2016 also went on to win various other awards. It garnered the International Wine Challenge Gold Medal and Trophy, the NW Wine Awards Gold, and the Silver Medal in the International Wine & Spirits event.

Both can be ordered from Vine Online, where discerning connoisseurs can order a customized case of different wines, beers, and even ciders. Vine Online also offers assorted deals and offers that are exclusive to the online wine store.

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