Classic Black & White Bathrooms From Bathroom Direct

Friday 30 November 2018, 7:26PM
By Beckie Wright

Black and white in the bathroom is not a trend — the color combination has proved its staying power after more than 100 years. In fact, many of the black-and-white tile patterns that are popular today date back to the Victorian era. And with white the most common choice for fixtures such as sinks, toilets and tubs, adding the sharp contrast of black is an easy way to make a strong style statement. Whether you like stately traditional, avant-garde modern or any style in between, black and white will work for you.

In all parts of the home, black and white is going strong, and will go on strong for quite a while. It's easy, simple, and flexible. Black and white also lets you use your favourite accent color for just a dash of happy. The touch of color via a flower vase or toothbrush holder on the countertop is just the perfect amount, and enhances rather than distracts from the overall design, and you can always change them when you want a different colour.

You can also quickly change that accent color with small touches like accessories, linens, a new mirror, or a new coat of paint on the door frame. Black and white can be just as quirky and personal as a more colorfully eclectic decor. All you need is a basic idea, a few interesting items, and an eye for good placement.

Black and white is timeless and practical, no matter what the age of the house.While bathroom trends can run the risk of becoming outdated, a black and white colour scheme proves timeless, so when you are looking for some inspiration for your bathroom décor, why not go to Bathroom Direct for a bathroom renovation with the classic and always fashionable black and white?

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