Hold Your 'Offiste' Strategy Meetings at The Common Eventspace

Friday 30 November 2018, 8:17PM
By Beckie Wright

You know the drill. There's a meeting, there's a budget, and you need to find the most effective venue to deliver the message. One of your first decisions is whether to hold the meeting offsite. There are lots of advantages to doing so; an

inspirational environment can create a different way of thinking and gets everyone away from the distractions that occur in the office. Off-site meeting spaces inspire and improve productivity and lead to better meeting outcomes.

Taking meetings offsite is especially important to consider when you're making strategic decisions, providing employees with career-enhancing training, or want to promote brainstorming. We've all been in meeting rooms where we've met time and time again, and when this happens, people tend to take the same seat and stare out the same window. Similar to familial roles, co-workers can also cling to their place in the group. By moving your meeting to an offsite location, you lift some of these barriers that stifle creativity.

The Common Eventspace offers all these benefits, with a variety of meeting rooms, conference and event spaces and business facilities, which can be set up in a number of different ways to accommodate your event, workshop, conference, off-site meeting, product-launch or film shooting needs. These spaces come complete with Smart TV with Apple TV or hard wiring, LED HD projectors and screens.

The Common Eventspace is great for annual planning sessions, quarterly strategy sessions or weekly team meetings. With its inspirational, New York Loft style fitout & modern AV equipment plus its Playground area with basketball, darts & board games,  it can lead to different ways of thinking & creativity such as encouraging corporates to start thinking like a start-up rather than a corporate. 

The Common can organise everything from the venue, to catering (including healthy options) to entertainment to team building activities, and they are also fully licenced. They can also provide facilitators for the sessions as well as professional event organisers who will make your event even more memorable.

Whether you are holding your meeting for brainstorming, forward planning, or strategising , chances are being in a new environment will inspire creativity in your team, and encourage new ideas in a way that can’t be replicated in-house, so for more information on SMT off-site meetings, strategy meetings, team building exercises and strategic planning please go to .