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Collins Plumbing & Gas For all Domestic Maintenance & Renovation Work

Friday 30 November 2018, 9:07PM
By Beckie Wright

It never fails that a problem with plumbing occurs at the most inconvenient times, such as late at night, on the weekend or on a holiday. Many homeowners have experienced this at one time or another; whether it is a leaky faucet, clogged drain or lack of hot water. This is why the importance of a plumber is significant, and why maintenance is so important in all areas of plumbing and gas installations.

Collins Plumbing and Gas have a well earned great reputation for dealing with the maintenance of your home and have a large client base as a result, and recommend servicing on the plumbing of your home or business premise on an annual basis, in order to keep it at its best working function, maintain its condition and avoid larger costly repairs down the track.

They also suggest that a qualified plumber should inspect the following areas regularly – spouting, downpipes, drains, pumps, solar panels, solar pumps, taps, cisterns , hot water cylinder and overflow pipes etc, gas appliances, pool heaters and pumps etc. as these are all areas they can assist with if required.

Similarly, homeowners, landlords and tenants are responsible for ensuring the safe operation and maintenance of their gas appliances and equipment. To ensure the safety and efficiency of your gas heating and appliances, Energy Safety NZ recommends that they are checked regularly by an authorised and qualified professional. The expert gasfitters at Collin’s Plumbing, Gas & Heating in Auckland can provide you with all your gas installation and maintenance needs.

Their specialist gasfitters can assess all types of gas appliances, including gas hot water units, fireplaces, central heating units, kitchen hobs and ovens and more. Once you are in the system, they send out annual notices to remind you when the next service of your gas appliance/s is due to be carried out. Their current customers find this very helpful, especially leading up to busy holidays and winter season when gas fitters are in high demand, so for more information on maintenance plumbers, gas fittings Auckland and commercial plumbing please visit the website at .