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Life is Digital: Digital Posters and Their Benefits

Friday 30 November 2018, 9:21PM
By Beckie Wright

With the constant improvements in Out Of Home (OOH) marketing technology, the humble poster has progressed from paper, into the digital space. Digital posters now give ad companies and their campaigns more options - digital posters can be used with the same graphic treatments and animations as online ad campaigns, bringing a consistency to the campaign.

But that’s not all - digital signs are also flexible, unlike traditional posters. For instance, digital media can easily be edited. They can also combine text and graphics with sounds, animation, and other features. This makes it easier for the audience to absorb the message that is being displayed. When an audience is entertained, it is much easier to hold their attention.

This is proven by an American study that showed 76% of consumers entered a store based solely on signage appeal. Digital signs grab attention better than a traditional sign could, and when the content can be edited according to a company’s desires, it can be adapted to stay topical, and effective for longer periods of time. As an example, the content could be remade to suit the geographic coverage of the campaign. It can be designed to go national, but can also be edited to suit local advertising.

Digital signs are also made highly versatile. They can be made to inform, to excite, to entertain, and to raise awareness. A static sign will usually focus on only one of these, but digital signs can evolve while you look at them in order to create a highly captivating and enthralling message.

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