Another Round of Furniture Sales for the Holidays from Urbano Interiors

Friday 30 November 2018, 9:26PM
By Beckie Wright

It’s that time of year again when everyone’s looking for great gifts to give for Christmas. Some might even be re-thinking the design of their homes for the New Year. With Urbano Interiors timely specials, there’s never been a better time to cross off both at once.  

Urbano Interiors is lauded as one of the best furniture shops in Auckland, and looking at these specials, it’s easy to see why. Take the Lappland hall table, for instance.  A lot of effort was spent perfecting the Lappland Collection, and the table makes this clear. Made of sustainable, solid teak, washed in natural colour, the table is perfect as an anchor piece along with other sets of similar styles.

Another piece that complements it is the Lappland display unit. An added benefit it has - unlike other display cabinets in NZ – is the ample shelving for showing off books, metal handles and legs, and soft-closing finger-joined drawer and concealed drawers. It is done in the same natural style as the table and is also made of the same sustainable material.

The king-sized Charly Bedhead is another prime furniture piece offered in the sale. The bed is a great addition to a living room, perfect for a monochrome or neutral colour palette. Fit for a king-sized single bed and made of polyester, the Charly works well partnered with the Monty chair, an asphalt-coloured corner armchair that is part of Urbano’s Boutique Collection of sofas and chairs.

Rounding off the choices is the Courtney oak console. Made of oak with a washed finish, the two-door credenza opens to an oak interior and a few shelves to stash away books and other reading material. This cabinet can be used as a complementary piece in living areas, or even commercial spaces, like bars.

If these pieces sound like the perfect gift for a family member, or the perfect addition to your home, contact Urbano Interiors now. For more information, visit today!