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Covering All the Bases: How Fletcher Reinforcing Handled the Waterview Connection Project

Monday 3 December 2018, 2:44PM
By Beckie Wright

Fletcher Reinforcing is no stranger to big civil projects, but one of the biggest they’ve ever been involved in is the Waterview Connection. Planned as far back as 2000, the Connection’s purpose is to connect a 5km, 6-lane motorway to Auckland’s western suburbs. The route’s completion also gave motorists another access route to State Highways 16 and 20 as well as a direct way to the Western Ring route.

The company’s experience aided immensely in solving problems faced during the project. As part of the Diaphragm Wall construction, Fletcher Reinforcing provided a varying depth of reinforcing cage, ranging from ground level down to 31 metres at its deepest point. They also provided new solutions for splicing reinforcing steel of up to 40mm diametres required by the engineers, embracing the challenge and supplying finished cages on time.

Fletcher Reinfrocing’s experienced team of detailers also provided much-needed help to the on-site managers. While the company’s team of steel fixers provided a great safety net for accomplishing the project, the Fletcher Reinforcing team also extended additional help to the wider crew when it came to safety.

Using their extensive experience in quotation and estimates, the company was able to supply a steady stream of solutions, from complex fabricated reinforcing cages to logistics issues. They were able to work promptly and ably despite the tight schedules involved in the project.

A combination of prompt detailing, accurate estimations, and fair quotations came together to help the project finish on time. With a project of this magnitude, there’s really no way to get through it without a few sudden surprises, but Fletcher Reinforcing possesses the experience and resources to undertake such jobs frequently – even with tight schedules and multiple contractors, it was well in their comfort zone.

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