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Family Inclusive Therapy at Zen Detox

Monday 3 December 2018, 2:48PM
By Beckie Wright

As the count down to Christmas begins, there are many people who start to feel that they just can’t cope with the pressures of finding enough money to buy gifts, or even to produce all the meals expected around the festive season. This and other factors can also lead to excess alcohol consumption, which just adds to the stress for all concerned. At Zen Detox, sadly December is their busiest month of the year.

At Zen Detox they understand that therapy is not a spectator sport, and that when one person is affected by addiction, everyone around them is equally affected. Working with the individual is not usually enough; you need to work with the family and support people of the individual/Whaiora

Zen Detox has two staff members who are dedicated to working with family members. Zen also has an association with the 12 step fellowships that support family members and those affected by loved ones in addiction. Zen offers family counseling which can continue after the person leaves.

Zen Detox has visiting days twice per week, and they encourage families to come in and have meals on a Sunday with the Zen whanau. Having a family involved in a client or Whaioras’ treatment, with their permission, gives them a greater chance of completing the treatment term.

The more support someone with an addiction can muster the greater the likelihood of them achieving and maintaining long-term abstinence as well as achieving their personal goals.

Having people on the staff that have been affected by addiction, both themselves and members of their family, gives them a deeper understanding alongside their clinical training and helps to add empathy and first-hand knowledge of addiction.

Zen also acknowledges that not all family are necessarily human and for people who miss their pets and are recovering from trauma Zen has therapeutic animals which are also part of the recovery programme.

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