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Palm Clinic Offer a Modern Solution for Excessive Sweating

Monday 3 December 2018, 6:51PM
By Beckie Wright

Excessive perspiration can be an extremely embarrassing condition, which can affect social and work place interactions but is now easily treated with Botox. Also called hyperhidrosis the condition mainly affects the underarms but in some people palms and feet can also be excessively sweaty. Clothing can be quickly stained and thousands of dollars spent on dry cleaning and replacement of clothing. Similarly, sweaty palms can cause anxiety in social and workplace environments.

The modern solution for excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) is Botox, which is a natural purified protein, which works by preventing the muscle surrounding the sweat gland from squeezing out the sweat. Palm Clinic in Auckland, New Zealand has a team of expert doctors who specialise in Botox treatment for excessive sweating.

Sweaty armpits are a problem that can lead to extreme anxiety and self-consciousness. Bromhidrosis or osmodrosis are related problems in which underarm odor, with or without excessive sweating, is the main problem. Many treatments have been trialled for hyperhidrosis with varying degrees of success.

Have you worried about sweaty palms when you need to shake hands? For some people this can affect confidence and self esteem and lead to difficulties in the workplace. The problem can be treated with botulinum toxin which switches off the excessive sweating for on average of 3-6 months.

Sweaty feet can be an extremely embarrassing condition which can be improved with Botox injections. Botox works particularly well for sweaty armpits and sweaty palms but the results for sweaty feet are much less predictable because of the thickness of the skin in this area.

Typically you would need at least 100 units of Botox per foot at a total cost of $1990 for two feet. Some people need even more than this and the duration of efficacy is very variable. For these reasons Palm Clinic only recommend treatment of sweaty feet in those people who are very distressed by the condition and are prepared to accept that despite the high costs the results are variable and can be disappointing in some cases.

Please note, Botox and Dysport treatment lasts about four months and after this time further courses of treatment could be necessary. To arrange a consultation to discuss your own situation and to find out more about laser hair removal, varicose veins and chemical peels please go to .