Rangitahi Bridge To Open in the New Year

Friday 14 December 2018, 9:37PM
By Beckie Wright

The eponymously named Rangitahi Bridge, linking the peninsula to mainland Raglan is to open next year, with a karakia by local iwi. The bridge now only needs to complete the asphalt surface and the installation of pou designed by Kawharu Greensil, and this huge milestone will be ready to use to conduct people to the Rangitahi project.

Rangitahi Marketing and Communications Manager, Sophie Peacocke says, “It means the Raglan community and beyond will be able to access the peninsula, including people who have purchased land there, which is pretty exicting for the project. The landowners will be able to begin building their homes.

The distinctive ‘pou’ which will be installed at each corner of the bridge represent turuturu, the pegs used to string the cloak across during the weaving process, and the zig zag pattern on the bridge represents the cloak, and signifies the two pieces of land coming together.

The bridge is two lanes, with pedestrian and cycle access. The footpath on the northern side is 2.5m wide, and acts as shared spaces to link to the walking tracks around the peninsula. There is also a narrow footpath on the southern side of the bridge, just 1.5 metres wide, so there is safe access on both sides. “We wanted to enourage people to get out walking or cycling rather than using their cars, especially on the weekend; they can walk or cycle into town,” she says.

Work started at the beginning of November to upgrade Opotoru Road and connect it to the bridge, and this will continue through summer, and is expected to  be completed in six months. “With the constrution of the subdivision, earthworks, roading and landscaping, we are now into our second construction season, due to delays mostly to do with wet weather.

The Rangitahi Project aims to provide land for those wanting to join Raglan’s laid-back seaside community, to build their own dreams, and to create a life that promises beauty and simplicity, so for more information on Rangitahi peninsula development, Ragland properties for sale and Waikato property please go to .