Primecare Dental Advocate for Preventative Dental Care

Tuesday 18 December 2018, 3:02PM
By Beckie Wright

Dental hygiene depends on regular maintenance of your teeth and gums, and Primecare Dental are advocates for assisting with this with their preventative dentistry and maintenance programme. They promote regular dental examinations for both children and adults, as regular examinations can prevent problems which may lead to serious dental work being needed if left unattended.

Such examples include root canal treatments, extractions and crowns. Starting children early on a regular dental examination helps to create a good, lifelong habit of caring for their teeth. Preventative dentistry is much more conservative and cost effective, and promotes better overall health and wellbeing.

As part of their preventative dentistry regime is the x-ray. They offer the latest in digital x-rays, routinely using this method to diagnose early decay, abcesses and periodontal problems. It also allows for informed decisions to be made regarding future possible dental treatment.

A full mouth panoramic x-ray is required for the removal of wisdom teeth, monitoring bone loss in preparation for orthodontic braces, and in oral pathology, for example cysts, cancer etc.

Regular visits to a dental hygienist are essential for good oral health. Oral health is dependent on the conditon of your gums, which hold your teeth in place. Calculus and plaque build up on teeth around the gum area, causing gum disease and tooth decay. Regular removal of stains, calculus and plaque will prolong the life of your natural teeth, and minimise the need for fillings, while also maintaining gum health.

Maintaining the health of your gums also helps with heart disease, pregnancy, bad breath and dry mouth syndrome. Primecare Dental’s dental hygienist is fully qualified and is considered an essential part of their dental practice. Oral hygiene instruction, the application of concentrated fluoride, periodontal condition charting, and diet instruction are just a few of the extra services their hygienist is able to help you with, so for more information on dentists Auckland, dental clinics and dental hygienists please go to .