How to Choose the Perfect TV Stand

Thursday 20 December 2018, 2:48PM

By Jessen Jiang



Buying a decent TV is one thing. Choosing a perfect stand for it is another. Here are some factors to consider when choosing a TV Stand for a flat-screen television:

The Nature and Size of the Room

The TV stand should match the décor and style of the room in which it will be put. For instance, if it will be viewed from the living room, its style should match the colors that coordinate with living room furniture. If the room features a modern high-tech style, then a glass or metallic TV stand will do. On the other hand, wooden stands go well with traditional room furnishings and settings. The size of the room should also be considered. This will help you determine whether you need a corner TV stand or a swivel TV stand.

The Size and Strength of the Stand

Television measurements differ a great deal from TV stand measurements. This could make the selection of a proper stand quite a daunting task since buying the wrong size leads to a “square peg in a round hole” situation. Primarily, the stand must be able to accommodate and firmly support your flat-screen TV. It should also have space for other components such as a DVD player, power cables, and gaming consoles. When it comes to the stand height, the center of the TV screen should be at your eye level while you are seated. Buying a stand that is either too high or too low is self-defeating logic, as it will interfere with the viewing angle. Take the measurements yourself using a tape measure or consult the manufacturer of your TV in case of doubt.

The Stand’s Features

There are stands that have compartments for multiple AV components and other electronic gadgets that accentuate the TV watching experience. There are others with advanced cable management systems that make the room appear tidy and organized by keeping HDMI cables and other cables out of sight. A compartment for TV hutches, gaming consoles and credenzas is also featured in various other stands. Some have gadgets that reduce over-heating of the various AV components.


It’s important to buy a TV stand that matches your budget. However, this does not warrant compromising the quality of the stand. The price of the stand is also directly proportional to its features, meaning that there is always a cheaper option.


In some cases, you may need to alter the position of your TV stand in the TV room. A swivel stand is the best option in this case. Similarly, it may also be important to move your TV stand from one room to the other. This means that the stand should be light and easy to carry. In a nutshell, shopping for a TV stand is not always as easy as pie. Hopefully, the above information will be a great help to any flat-screen TV owner!

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