Agent Finder NZ Recognised in Prestigious Award

Thursday 20 December 2018, 3:05PM
By Beckie Wright

Founder and Director Trish Willis of Agent Finder NZ has recently been awarded Best Estate Agent Vetting Service 2018 by APAC Insider. Drawing on her vast industry experience Trish has pioneered quite a change for the $5Billion dollar real estate industry in New Zealand over the past nine years.

Since it was founded in 2009, Agent Finder NZ have firmly established themselves in New Zealand as a business that empowers property investors and home sellers to objectively choose real estate agents, and undertake proper due diligence. The concept of real estate agent vetting was initially developed, as there were no impartial bodies providing independent information and advice 

about the real estate process, commission and fees and how to choose an agent.

Prior to 2009, the task of finding the most suitable agent in any location was time consuming and laborious, and research showed there were no similar business models world-wide at the time, so Agent Finder NZ was created.

People need access to reputable information that responds to their search quickly and all from one place, so to complement Agent Finder NZ, Wise Up® NZ, was born and launched 2016. The firm’s mission is to provide New Zealand vendors with a free real estate agent vetting service and resources that empower and inform in their real estate experiences, and this service can benefit users from any location.

Agent Finder NZ combined with Wise Up® NZ provides a depth of service and knowledge unparalleled NZ-wide or globally. This dynamic business is committed to driving innovation and offering clients a truly unique service which cannot be found elsewhere, so for more information on selling your property quickly, comparing real estate agents and real estate commissions please go to .