Vac and Wash In A Single Step With Karcher's FC 5 Floor Cleaner

Friday 21 December 2018, 12:34PM
By Beckie Wright

Karcher are pleased to announce that they are launching the FC 5 Floor Cleaner, which is a domestic floor cleaner for all hard floors. This new cleaner saves time by vacuuming light debris and washing hard floors simultaneously. It cleans up to 60 square meters per a 400ml tank saving up to 85% of water as compared to an old-fashioned mop and bucket.

The freshwater tank, filled with water and detergent automatically moistens the microfiber rollers, and the electrically powered roller rotates forward removing the loose/dry dirt and wiping the floor in one step. A vacuuming system is located above the roller and sucks the mixture of water and dirt from the roller into the dirt container, and thanks to its long cable and high flexibility, the FC 5 is also suitable for stairwell cleaning.

Effortless wiping means there is no having to vacuum beforehand, and the innovative self-cleaning function ensures hygienic cleaning and saves time. To clean, simply fill the cleaning station with water, place the device inside and switch on. The clean water is sucked up by the FC 5, removing the dirt from the rollers and cleaning the device from the inside. It can be cleaned and stowed away quickly in the practical parking and cleaning station.

Thanks to the large selection of detergent and care agents, as well as the quick floor drying time, you can use the Karcher floor cleaner to clean and care for all standard hard floors in your home, even sensitive surfaces such as parquet.

The FC 5 has won numerous design awards overseas and will start going into stores next month, and has recently received the world-renowned Red Dot award for its innovative operation and revolutionary design. It has also received the prestigious iF award. The iF Design Award has been a globally recognised trademark for 65 years and is renowned for acknowledging exceptional design and innovation.

The FC 5 is one of more than 150 Karcher products to receive awards for design excellence, so for more information on home cleaning equipment, Karcher water blasters and window vacs please go to .